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10 things that makes me happy are :

1. My Family : because they are always there for me. Especially when there’s no classes , they’re the one I can lean on

2. My Friends : because everytime I have a problem,I just text,call or talk them and they are always there for me no matter what happen. 

3. My loveones : because he completes my day whenever I am in bad mood.

4. Cellphones : because everytime I hold a cellphone, it decreases my boredom. And it also serve as communication for my friends.

5.Chocolates : because it makes my mind alert for our quiz or test. And it also relieves my bad mood 

6. Music : because I cant complete my smile without this. Its fun when reminiscing

7. Baby’s : because I used to take care baby’s since I was only a grade school student. I love their smiles and smell

8. Movies : such as horror movies and adventure. Because its my pastime to watch movies whenever I dont have assignments or its a vacation.

9. Sandals,dress,accessories : because I am a half kikay. I wanted to be always look elegant and preety

10. eyes with long eyelashes : because I used to attract in long eyelashes when I have nothing to do, it makes me smile.

                                                     — Mary Loise Erika Almazora

                                                          IV- Faith 

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“" hindi porket sinabi nya sayo na hindi ka niya iiwan, eh totoo na. May mga bagay lang tlga na masarap ipangako kapag wala kayong problema " :DD”

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